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A wide range of yearly cultural events, educational or sport activities have become through the years a tradition in the city and attempt to make your stay more interesting and proactive. Therefore, come join us!

•           “Winterfest” – an active and full of fun event that will make you test your endurance and    spirit of adventure through the specific winter contests put in place
•           “Dragobete – lovers’ day” – “one day marriages”, Dragobete ball, spring market and more
•           “Blow Music 2013” –a festival where you have the opportunity to discover the music star in you
•           “Ostermarkt” – Catholic and Evangelical Easter market where you are cordially invited to experience traditional German and Hungarian cuisine and craft art
•           “ Gabriela Szabo Cross” – a sport event where you are invited to participate in, along with other runners. The cross pays tribute to our former Olympic runner, Gabriela Szabo, a Citizen of Honour of our city.
•           „International Earth Day“
•           “ International Labour Day” – a day of labouring contest and concerts in the Schullerwald forest near town
•           “International Youth Day ” – a day of celebration for all those who consider themselves young
•           “S’love” – creativity contests for the primary and middle years school children
•           “Besztercei Majalis Hungarian festival” – a festival organized by and dedicated to the Hungarian ethnicity where the traditional “Gulas” and “Transylvanian Csardas” will enchant your senses
•           ”Easter Concert”
•           ”Opera days” 
•           "Bartolomeu Anania" International Choir Reunion
•           “International Children’s Day” – a celebration day for our future heritage
•           “Medieval Festival” – evoking Bistriţa’s medieval past, the festival promotes its values, cultural and historical milestones as a former Siebenbürgen borough
•           “Rusalii / Pfingstfest Festival” - attractive musical programme and entertaining events
•           “Nunta Zamfirei” - an international folklore festival that brings together performers from all over the world
•           “Bistriţa Days” – live concerts, art exhibitions, food, drinks and more, bring the people of Bistriţa out in the streets together with other international guests for the most significant local event of a year.
•           “Gypsies’ Festival “– promoting specific traditional values
•           “Toamna Bistriţeană” - a festival that rewards agricultural producers and their constant efforts in promoting organic goods
•           “Mihail Warga International Fanfare Festival “- another international event promoting band music and paying tribute to local conductor Mihail Warga
•           “National Tourism Fare 2013” – 1st edition
•           “Siebenbuergen Sport Games” – an event that will bring together people willing to do sport under the “Sport for all” concept
•           “Nosa 1264” Festival, 6th edition – a festival designated to attract students of all ages in a broad variety of cultural events such as drama, poetry, music and so on.
•           National Drama Festival „Liviu Rebreanu”
•           “Bistrita Folk” Festival
•           December 1st, National Day celebration
•           ”Eternity Roots” – Traditions Festival











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